Due South, the Store that Started It All


Due South Realty (DSR) is Noel DeVries' brainchild. From her roots in “fix and flips” and the interest in her revised use of discarded furniture she envisioned a store that would compliment her real estate business and utilize the diverse skills of those dearest to her to truly bless the community. Her daughter, Dennae, always possessed an eye for beauty and had her own photography business and a fashion-forward proclivity. Brett, Noel’s son-in-law, wonderfully constructed custom furniture, and Brett’s mother, Cathy, had years of crafting expertise. With the collaboration of individually talented family members, it became clear that this dream could absolutely become a reality.

After choosing to take a chance on the building located in downtown Lafayette, Colorado, this family operation started to take shape. The vision to combine each of their distinctive gifts became Due South - a name appropriately chosen because of their southern roots, and they all hoped to contribute to the quaint, endearing downtown area. What began as a mere passionate hobby gradually transformed into a single shop with so many facets: part of the well-renowned Annie Sloan Stockist Network, a beautiful assortment of free-spirited clothing, custom-made furniture, antique finds with a farm-house vibe, and the stunning and versatile White Side Studio. Each of these makes up the wonderfully cozy and charming Due South store.


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We are truly a boutique brokerage real estate company and we have the store to prove it! If you are a real estate agent exploring new opportunities and you are more concerned about serving and “loving-on” your clients then moving to the next deal.

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Our mission is to actively serve our community, not passively but proactively. We aim to overcome uncertainty with clarity, choosing not to disengage but to actively engage and build upon ideas within our community. Through buying and selling homes, we aspire to help people fulfill their dreams.