Due South Realty is truly a boutique brokerage real estate company and we have the store to prove it! If you are a real estate agent exploring new opportunities and you are more concerned about serving and “loving-on” your clients then moving to the next deal.


Why DSR?

  • Competitive commission splits
  • Comprehensive technology package as well as materials that instruct and educate your clients; not the big box meaningless attempt to provide insight into the real estate transaction
  • A real, down-to-earth coffee shop to engage people in the real world!
  • Full-service brokerage support and care with on-point marketing.
  • Insightful team meetings discussing skills, the market and strategies to help buy/sell your client’s homes and how to grow your business and wonderful agents to collaborate with 
  • An atmosphere of serving and a commitment to go above and beyond!

Work With Us

Our mission is to actively serve our community, not passively but proactively. We aim to overcome uncertainty with clarity, choosing not to disengage but to actively engage and build upon ideas within our community. Through buying and selling homes, we aspire to help people fulfill their dreams.